Tax Area

The Tax Law Department offers advice and assistance at 360 degrees in both accounting and taxation. The team is made up of professionals, registered with the Order of Chartered Accountants of Rome.

We offer advice and assistance in the field of direct and indirect, national and international taxation for companies, individuals and institutions. We aim to optimise taxation through targeted advice.

Professionals with expertise in company law (incorporation, modification and dissolution of companies) and in the field of non-commercial entities. We deal with the complete and comprehensive management of third sector entities, as well as the preparation of individual company and consolidated financial statements. We provide specific technical advice on the valuation criteria and representation of individual balance.

We offer activities as Statutory Auditor and Auditor of companies and/or entities. External auditing activities.

The tax advice offered by our accountants is not limited to accounting assistance, but considers the entire corporate structure. The service includes the organisation, administration, planning, management control of companies and/or entities and assistance with corporate finance. Among extraordinary transactions, we also provide advice and assistance on the acquisition and disposal of companies, mergers, demergers, company transformations and the creation of joint ventures.