Corporate criminal law

Our Corporate Criminal Law Department, made up of professionals with many years of experience in the field, provides advice and legal assistance on all aspects of the criminal liability of persons engaged in business activities. In detail, our services are focused on the following areas of expertise:
Environmental and occupational health and safety offences
Out-of-court advice on criminal liability related to business operations with an environmental impact and the sanctions applicable to occupational health and safety offences. In addition to out-of-court criminal advice, we also provide assistance at every stage and level of proceedings concerning so-called “ecological offences” (such as environmental pollution, unlawful transport of waste and unauthorised waste management, failure to comply with land remediation obligations) and offences related to accidents at work and occupational diseases resulting from exposure to hazardous substances.
Consulting and assistance in criminal proceedings concerning cybercrime, i.e. crimes committed in the fields of ICT and the Internet, such as phishing, identity theft, computer fraud, copyright infringement, online defamation and all offences related to the protection of personal data provided in and punished by the Privacy Code.
Corporate, tax and bankruptcy offences
We provide advice and assistance in the area of criminal liability arising from the lack of transparency and fairness in company reporting and disclosures and the failure to respect the integrity of corporate assets (corporate offences), obstructing the liquidation of assets after bankruptcy to the creditors of an insolvent business (bankruptcy offences), income tax and VAT violations pursuant to Legislative Decree 74/2000 (tax offences).